Flower Thoughts

Flower Thoughts

Flower Thoughts

A few weeks ago I started a practitioner journey with @wayofdevotion

It has invited me into a deeper understanding of the magnetic & electric polarities within our shared experiences.

As I’m often expressing through the personalities of flowers, my appreciation of their magic has increased. I am also humbled at this realization of how flowers grow and shine and show up exactly as they are. If they are a little wilted or crumpled from a rain storm, they might recover. They might not. But they remain the same beautiful being.

When the sun shines and the bee stops by they remain rooted strongly in their worth. They trust the process. The flowers know their worth. They receive from the heavens. They received from the earth. They might flutter a bit with the breeze as they securely allow all of their being to be witnessed. Mmmm flowers. So delicious.


#restartvibes #thejennyguides #flowerfrequency #wildflowersofmaine #femininepractice #iambeautiful 

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